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Dear Purnimadi,
I have just seen your article "why I gave up milk and silk." It is very surprising and encouraging to learn that both of us share the same feeling. From my childhood I hate the cruel practice of the "gwalas" depriving the calf of its natural share of milk. Though I still wear silk sarees, I have given up taking milk ten years back when I saw a calf tied up and the gwala milking the mother. Once I accompained my father to Ashok Nagar to visit a religious person. While we were talking, he told us that he did not take milk because it is as bad as talking beef. I remembered that person (who is no more) as soon as I read your article.
With regards,
Yours sincerely,
Jayasri Das.

Date: 14.09.2001
H2/57, Sarsuna Satellite Township,
Kolkata-700 061


All visitors are important, because the animals need all the sympathy, empathy and help they can get. We need all the encouragement and support we can get! People need all the sensitivity and enhanced self-image they can get by reaching out to reduce suffering. To this extent, we treasure a visit from anyone and everyone. Nor can a visitor remain unmoved, once they have understood what we are all about. Three recent visitors, however, have been especially encouraging. The first was the beautiful Neelanjana Bhowmik, daughter of the unforgettable Anjana Bhowmik, and a star in her own right. She phoned one day, and expressed a wish to visit our centers and do something actively for the street dogs of Kolkata. The second was Shri Narain Bhatia, CEO of the Central Chinmay Mission, Mumbai, who came to our city with a dual purpose. He gave talks on the effective use of the famous Rudraksha, and donated part of the proceeds of the genuine beads hed brought, for Ashari. His stated simply that "pashu rin" is emphasized in our scriptures, along with "pitri rin", "devta rin" and "rishi rin". So much so for those holy people who ignore the plight of the mute! The third visitor was Mr.J.Mulraj, investment consultant, whose Monday column in The Times Of India and TV appearances are devoured by those initiated in the world of high finance. A visit to Ashari cut away the barriers between the head and the heart, and Mr.Mulraj began to realize the significance of animal welfare for the future growth of our Nation and economy.

The comments of these three visitors are given below.

"This is a dream come True for all the Animals ! God bless you all for the lovely work you are doing. "                      Neelanjana, Sinthee, Kolkata
"May this project brings awareness in the country men. Animals must be taken care of. They do have emotions. Animals should be protected from diseases and injuries. It is a great noble cause. I am proud that some one thought of this. "          Narain & Dr. (Mrs) Sarojini Bhatia, Ghatkopar, Mumbai.
"The dedication of the people here to simply amazing ! It is the motivation to do good work for animal welfare that is making this dream come true. "          J. Mulraj, Babulnath Road, Mumbai