Although we have not achieved 100% success in many of our campaigns, we have certainly succeeded in making a far-reaching impact. The sensitive public have joined us with relief that there is a like-minded group for them to join. The sanguine, unchallenged perpetration of cruelty, and callous unconcern has been shaken up. Several worthwhile improvements have been made, although we’ll probably never be fully satisfied! A continuous and increasing pressure is needed to keep up the momentum.

Some of the issues we have taken up so far are:

       # Caged zoos to be converted to open air safari parks, before total closure of all zoos.

       # Curtailment of illegal trade in protected species and keeping them as pets.

       # Curtailment of open slaughter on the roadside.

       # Curtailment of transporting chicken upside down.

       # Curtailment of illegal transport of cattle for slaughter.

       # Curtailment of 'Oxytocin' injections for milk letdown in the milch-cattle.

       # Curtailment of animals being sacrificed in the name of religion.

       # Spreading awareness about how Stray dog neuter/spay and anti-rabies program helps the  health and hygiene of the city & the citizens.

       # Promotion of pet therapy for emotionally insecure and depressed people.

       # Boycott of any/all items, which result in the slaughter or abuse of animals and nature.

       # Promotion of eco-friendly practices like bio-fertilizers, bio-gas, alternative energy systems.

       # "Free the tree" campaign against putting nails on tree-trunks and unethical use of trees for election & sales promotion and illumination, causing disturbance during sundry celebrations.